The first one and a half months…

I’m sorry, I am really busy in the moment with school and stuff, but I really try to post more in here, especially pictures.
Let us begin with school… I am one and a half month here now and even though I was homesick the first days, I am totally fine. The first days of school were kind of hard, because I knew nobody and I didn’t have time to talk to somebody in or between my classes, because I had struggle with finding them 🙂 But I learned that most people are very nice if you go to them and they will talk to you and help you.
The first week in school was also hard for me, because I wasn’t that good in understanding people if they speak fast. I just always smiled and laughed when somebody talked to me *haha*. I am so thankful that, especially in my freshman classes, people started talking to me fast. They didn’t know that I am an exchange student at first (how should they, I never got introduced or something and it’s a school of 4000 students, by the way the biggest school in Georgia:, but they found out fast… the reactions were like:
1. Oh cool, what is the biggest difference?
2. Is school different?
3. Say something in German
4. Why did you have to do that?
5. Ohh, I would love to get to Germany one time
6. Cool, I have some ancestors/ other relatives in Germany, but I don’t know them
7. Are you watching soccer? I love German soccer
8. Are you wearing lederhosen all the time?
9. Does the name Claus mean something? I heard Santa Clause is from Germany
10. What kind of music do you hear in Germany? Show me some German songs!
11. Do you have German candy? I wanna taste it

I think my biggest problem at school at first was understanding some teachers and concentrating on the English.. because of that I had a lot headaches, but after 2 weeks it was getting better. Also, I changed my astronomy class and I started really liking US-History. The tests and quizzes are mostly easy multiple choice here, my only problem is, that the tests are looooong (to 80-100 questions) and calculate with Miles, Feet, inches, and this kind of stuff… Also, I think I will be worse in german school than before because I am getting lazy:) here, you just have to take a look at the study guide at home or in the school bus in the morning and you make easily a 80-90%. I think my worst subject is language arts, because I don’t like the teacher. By the way, I hate the school bus… it’s too early in the morning (6 am) and it’s so loud and kind of stinky and especially hooooot. Here, even in September it’s still 30 degrees Celsius and so the bus is just a sauna. Everybody here wishes it would be getting cooler. I don’t know why, but already now you hear Christmas songs everywhere and so many houses are already made up for Halloween.

Some people in Germany may have heard about the hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Even if it was “just” a tropical storm here, it was very bad. We had no school for 5 days and so many trees fell down and houses and cars are destroyed and people got killed… we/ our house wasn’t hit that hard, so luckily nothing happened to us, compared to our neighbors…

Anyways, I have found so good friends here, I sometimes wish I could stay here forever or at least for one year… that was a thing many people already asked me to do. But at the moment I don’t want to think about that, I just wanna enjoy the moment and my time here.

I am really good with my host family and especially my host sisters. I really love them as my second family. The church is also a big part in their family life and my time there is very good. The church is like a big Family here and everybody welcomed me so much. Everybody is nice and friendly there and I really enjoy being there.

We are counting the days to the cruise (21 Days) and we all can’t wait any longer. I am so excited!

I’m sorry for writing such a long blogpost, but I really forgot. I think I just missed half of my themes, but I will post more soon.


New York

To cut a long story short: New York was awsome. Although I was sick the first day and the Jetlag hit me very hard, I had a wonderful time.


On the second August, my Adventure began. Saying goodbye to my family was hard, but I was very excited. My flight to Frankfurt was great, but my flight to New York was very exhausting. I had no sleep and I couldn’t sleep in the plane, so I was reading my memory Book (very sweet) and doing some other stuff. We were in New York, there was a big thunderstorm and we couldn’t land in Newark because of a too short airstrip, so we flew some circles and then we had an emergency landing at the John F Kennedy Airport. There we stood around 4-5 hours with 30 other planes. After long discussions we flew again to Newark because the thunderstorm was over.


The first day, we went to the Times Square with the subway, which was a little bit scary because it is so different than in Germany. On the Times Square, I didn’t realize/know I am there. I took some pictures (wrong perspective) because I liked the lights and I bought a tshirt what says ‘Times Square’. After we left Times Square I was really sad, that I wasn’t there… This is typically me 🙂

Then we went to the central station, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center. The view from the Top of the rock was unbelievable and beautiful. After that, we saw the Trump Tower, went shopping on the 5th Avenue and went to the Central Park. The Central Park was beautiful and sometimes I forgot that I am in New York because of the Nature. Also, I met my Friend Eva who also was in New York. That was really great.


The Next day me and the other exchange students went to the Battery Park and we took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. It was very hot and I got a sunburn. But, Liberty Island was great. You saw the skyline of Manhattan and you could go in to the Statue of Liberty (we didn’t do this). After the ferry took us back to Manhattan, we went to Wall Street, Broadway and the ground Zero. The One World Trade Center was great! At the end of the day, we went to China town and little Italy.


The third day was the last day in New York. We could choose what we want to do (Conny island – Beach, Central Park, Museum of Arts or Brooklin Bridge) and I went to Brooklyn. You also had a wonderful view over the skyline of manhattan and we went all over the bridge. This day, it was also hot but cloudy. Then, we went all over the high line of New York. The last night was very short because I had to stand up at 4am.


The flight to Atlanta was great. A nice woman sat next to me and we talked a bit. In Atlanta, she showed me the direction to the baggage claim and waited with me for my hostfamily.

When my hostfamily and I found each other, I was very happy. We all were very excited and the kids had presents and poster for me. I am very happy with them.

Saying goodbye

Today was the last day at school and I saw a lot of my friends the last time for nearly seven months. It was very hard for me because on the one hand this all is still very unrealistic for me and on the other hand I have my flight ticket, all my documents, a student exchange pullover and a tshirt from into (my Organisation) which I should wear at the airport. Also, my visa documents already arrived and all was ok with them.

So now, it’s just 19 days and I don’t know how to feel about it.

The good thing is, that I am celebrating my birthday with my friends two days before my flight, so I can say goodbye to them and we have at least some more time together.

Memory Book

Some pages out of my memory book


I did a “memory book” for me and my friends and my time in the US. It’s not that type of book every exchange student does before he/ she flies, it has some same ideas but it’s also different in its own way. The first pages I wrote and painted some facts: something about Georgia, one page about my hostfamily, one about my city there, one about Atlanta and one about my Orientation Camp in New York.
Then I gave it to some of my friends and they can write some messages to me down the next pages or also paint something or stick photos in (they can do what they want, but they have to be creative:) ). I’m very curious about what they did with it because I am not allowed to look in till I am there.
Also, I want to stick in some photos and memories from the US, after my friends have finished and I have a good time there. When it’s time to leave the USA (I don’t want to think about that now), My new friends there can also have this book an they also have to be creative then. You can see some pages out of my memory book above, I couldn’t show you all of them because of the privacy of my host family.
Some people also use this book as diary, but I think mine has not enough pages and I have an extra diary for my time as an exchange student. The first pages I wrote my hopes, my wishes, my fears and all these things down because I thought that it is maybe a good idea. After this time, I can read this again and I can assess if all these became reality or not…

Bye!  Pia

Hey there!

First, I`m Pia and I am doing an exchange year to the USA 2017-2018. OK, actually I am doing an half-year exchange, if you say it like that. This Blog is for all my friends, my family and all people who are interested in exchange students like me.

I am so happy if I think about my exchange because it`s only nine weeks until my flight goes to New York. I know my guest family since 2nd May this year and I love them so much! I will have 4 younger guest sisters and they`re all great. My guestmother comes from germany too and my guestfather and her met in germany for the first time. Now, they live together with four kids in Georgia, near Atlanta. In summer it is very hot there and there is a high humidity, so it will be totally different from germany. My high school there is also very great. There are about 4000 students and it has a lot of courses and clubs. I am very happy that I have to go to school by bus, because I think they look like they do in the movies. In germany, I am on a small school with not many people and I am going to school by bike.

I love adventures and travelling around the world, so this half year is a great chance for me. My guestfamily shares this enthusiasm with me so they told me trips they want to do with me.

I am doing this blog in english because I want that also my guestfamily and my american friends can probably read this and maybe it will be easier for me to write this in English while I am in the US.