Saying goodbye

Today was the last day at school and I saw a lot of my friends the last time for nearly seven months. It was very hard for me because on the one hand this all is still very unrealistic for me and on the other hand I have my flight ticket, all my documents, a student exchange pullover and a tshirt from into (my Organisation) which I should wear at the airport. Also, my visa documents already arrived and all was ok with them.

So now, it’s just 19 days and I don’t know how to feel about it.

The good thing is, that I am celebrating my birthday with my friends two days before my flight, so I can say goodbye to them and we have at least some more time together.

Memory Book

Some pages out of my memory book


I did a “memory book” for me and my friends and my time in the US. It’s not that type of book every exchange student does before he/ she flies, it has some same ideas but it’s also different in its own way. The first pages I wrote and painted some facts: something about Georgia, one page about my hostfamily, one about my city there, one about Atlanta and one about my Orientation Camp in New York.
Then I gave it to some of my friends and they can write some messages to me down the next pages or also paint something or stick photos in (they can do what they want, but they have to be creative:) ). I’m very curious about what they did with it because I am not allowed to look in till I am there.
Also, I want to stick in some photos and memories from the US, after my friends have finished and I have a good time there. When it’s time to leave the USA (I don’t want to think about that now), My new friends there can also have this book an they also have to be creative then. You can see some pages out of my memory book above, I couldn’t show you all of them because of the privacy of my host family.
Some people also use this book as diary, but I think mine has not enough pages and I have an extra diary for my time as an exchange student. The first pages I wrote my hopes, my wishes, my fears and all these things down because I thought that it is maybe a good idea. After this time, I can read this again and I can assess if all these became reality or not…

Bye!  Pia

Hey there!

First, I`m Pia and I am doing an exchange year to the USA 2017-2018. OK, actually I am doing an half-year exchange, if you say it like that. This Blog is for all my friends, my family and all people who are interested in exchange students like me.

I am so happy if I think about my exchange because it`s only nine weeks until my flight goes to New York. I know my guest family since 2nd May this year and I love them so much! I will have 4 younger guest sisters and they`re all great. My guestmother comes from germany too and my guestfather and her met in germany for the first time. Now, they live together with four kids in Georgia, near Atlanta. In summer it is very hot there and there is a high humidity, so it will be totally different from germany. My high school there is also very great. There are about 4000 students and it has a lot of courses and clubs. I am very happy that I have to go to school by bus, because I think they look like they do in the movies. In germany, I am on a small school with not many people and I am going to school by bike.

I love adventures and travelling around the world, so this half year is a great chance for me. My guestfamily shares this enthusiasm with me so they told me trips they want to do with me.

I am doing this blog in english because I want that also my guestfamily and my american friends can probably read this and maybe it will be easier for me to write this in English while I am in the US.